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Re-running the Cannonball (USA)

Channel 4 
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Documentary Showreel

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Earthrise Series 1-8

Al Jazeera English

The Last Generation to Die

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CGTN Europe

Sustainable Seafood (UK)

Restoring Seagrass (UK)

CGTN Europe
Like My Selfie (film still).jpg

Like My Selfie

VCCP Agency Film
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Pangolin Rangers (Cambodia)

Al Jazeera English

Billy Bragg - Seven Deadly Sins 

The Guardian

Liberia After Ebola (Liberia)

Al Jazeera English
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Detroit's Farming Revolution  (USA)

Al Jazeera English
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Mending Minds (Liberia)

Al Jazeera English
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Online Channel - AJ+ 

How to Rob a Bank

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Lego Homes (Colombia)

Al Jazeera English
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Breath of Fresh Air (Philippines)

Al Jazeera English
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Litre of Light (Philippines)

Al Jazeera English
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